Computer Network Operations and Rule of Law

My colleagues Christopher Parsons (Citizen Lab, University of Toronto, Canada), Erik Zouave (Centre for IT & IP Law, KU Leuven, Belgium) and I have just published an open-access article in a special issue on ‘Australian Internet Policy’, in the open-access journal Internet Policy Review. In light of the onset of domestic law enforcement use of […]

The Future of Policing In Canada?

The December 2014 Issue of The Walrus Magazine features an article on the creeping potential for the militarization of policing in Canada. The article, by John Lorinc, discusses my research into the Vancouver Police Department’s ‘Military Liaison Unit’.

Security, Privacy, and the BC Services Card

In the past month, my colleague Christopher Parsons (@caparsons) and I have been researching the technical attributes of the BC Services Cards. Recently, I guested on Christopher’s excellent blog, Technology, Thoughts, and Trinkets, with a post about the security vulnerabilities (and associated privacy concerns) surrounding the use of NFC ‘smart’ chips in the proposed BC Services Card […]


Welcome to Boundaries of Surveillance, a venue for the professional and personal projects of Adam Molnar, PhD Candidate and Lecturer at Deakin University. This website features a range of reflections, from commentary and media, to working papers and articles, as a public workshop for themes related to my academic research. Many of the posts you’ll on encounter […]